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re: App: Iatross

The application submitted by Iatross is as follows:

What Class/Spec is your character? List your offspec if applicable.:
Warrior / Fury -- OS Prot

What is your + damage/spell power/defense/attack power?:
5455 AP // 550 def. in OS

If you are a dps class what is your + hit rating?:

Tell us a bit about yourself as a person and player. Age, where you live, gaming experience.:
I'm 23, from Ontario Canada. I have been playing online games since I was 12..started in counter-strike playing in leagues till I was 18 then started playing this game and have been hooked ever since it was released.

Are you able to make at least 2 raid nights and stay for 3+ hours each week?:

Former guilds and why you left?:
Retribution: guild is pretty much dead; GL moved to Germany and guild fell apart slowly after that from lack of participation from members. Only group that remained was the 10m I was a part of however that has broken down now also so I left

What raid experience do you have?:
10m Kingslayer, 25ICC up to PP (guild never went further)...some attempts on Halion, toc10/25, uld, naxx etc.

Are you willing to respec to benefit the raid as a whole?:

Do you have the Ventrillo client installed?:

Provide us a link to your armory page. Please log out in PvE gear so that we can actually see what gear you would bring to a raid.:

What consumables would you bring for yourself to a raid encounter? Be very specific.:
Flasks / Food Buff if no feast avail.

Choose a boss encounter that we are currently working on for progression and describe in detail what your role is for that encounter. This question is VERY important, take your time and do it right.:
I guess I'll discuss the LK fight; not sure what fights you are currently working on.

1st phase: Dps on LK run to horrors if I get the curse/debuff to have it removed
2nd phase: kill spirits, stay out of Defile & use hamstring on Valks.
3rd phase: soak up some ghosts that come down as to reduce dmg to clothies (what I did for Ret.), interrupt cast inside sword if sent in - kill LK

List ALL resources that you use frequently while playing your class, as far as PvE goes (Can be a website, a spreadsheet, a calculator of some sort, etc...):,

Raiding can be expensive. Are you willing and able to spend the necessary time to farm for repair money and consumables?:

List relevant class-specific information that you think is necessary to know (for your class) as far as raiding goes. Free form topic, one suggestion is that you tell us how your raid spec benefits the raid.:
Know the class. Kind of a corny statement; the rotation is simple but executed poorly leads to bad dps and becoming rage starved & everyone loves an extra 5% crit.


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re: App: Iatross

Malevolent has stopped raiding for the remainder of WotLK, in case you didn't know.

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